Monday, November 18, 2013

About me!

My name is Anastaija, I'm 13 years old and I' m from Macedonia. I live in a small town- Gostivar.
I'm quite short, I have brown hair and eyes.
This is a photo wit my friends Angela and Jovana.
How do we look???

My school

I'm a student in Goce Delcev school in Gostivar-Macedonia.
My worst subjekt is biology, but I'm quite good in history.

My home

I live in an apartment on the 4-th floor.
I share my room with my brother, so sometimes is a bit untidy.
From the window in the kitchen I can see my school

My friends

My best friend is Marija.
She is confident, adventurous, independet and easy-going person. She is beautiful too.
My other friends are Angela, Jovana, Matea, Daniela, Ljupka, Ilija, Vladimir, Mario and so long.

Facts about me

Favorite movie:
My favorite movie it's "The live of Py".
It's realy interesting movie you must whatch this movie.

My favorite sport is Volleyball.
I play with my friends in our free time.

In my free time I like to act in theater shows and paint pictures.
I was playing in theater show called  "The Wizart of Oz" and "Alis in Wonderland".
It was realy fun and I meet a lot of new friends.